A Resounding Success!

My first Amazon sale had very encouraging results. Jack Dawkins did especially well on Amazon UK and although I only looked at progress sporadically, I noted that it got as high as number 30 in the top 100 under Classic Literature and occasionally slipped just into the top 100 Historical Fiction on occasion, floating just inside or outside the 100 mark.

I find it interesting that it was so much more successful in the UK than the U.S., when it has mostly been American readers who have occasionally contacted me to ask if there will be more adventures for Jack or Reg to come.

The question is, will sales always produce such results, or is it only that the book is new to this avenue? Time will tell. I will leave it in KDP Select for the moment and see what happens next time.

In the meantime, I believe I will go ahead and unpublish my Christmas book from Smashwords with a view towards submitting it to KDP Select as well. I’ll put them both back eventually, perhaps just before Christmas or just after, depending on how the dates fall on my KDP obligations. Perhaps a new cover design for the Christmas book is in order as well.

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New Paperback Cover, Kindle Unlimited and A Sale

I thought I might try using some of Amazon’s promotional tools to give Jack Dawkins wider exposure, so I have joined KDP Select. This means that for a limited time, Jack Dawkins is available on Kindle Unlimited.

I expect to go back to wider distribution, but for three or perhaps six months, I’m giving this a whirl. Meanwhile the paperback version of the book now has the new cover to match the Kindle version. This will be reflected at the various outlets in due course.

For those who read on Kindle, Jack Dawkins will be on sale for .99 from 28 April to 2 May, just in time for May bank holiday weekend! You can find it with the reduced price on Amazon.com and Amazon UK.


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New Cover!

I wasn’t expecting it so soon, but my designer got back to me yesterday with a new cover for Jack Dawkins.


What do you think? I rather like it myself.

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#BlackFriday and #CyberMonday

The two biggest shopping days of the year are coming soon! So, I’ve decided it’s time for a sale on Jack Dawkins, which is about to get a new book cover.


Let’s ignore all the silliness in politics plaguing our world and have a brilliant Christmas in the best way readers know how, with a good book.

On Kindle at Amazon

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A July Sale!

Every year Smashwords has a sale in July wherein books can be reduced 25, 50 or 75%. Some are even made temporarily free!

This year I have entered both of my books into the sale. If you haven’t got them already, now is the time! Please invite all your friends.



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Nearly Christmas, but Where Is Reg?

I have been remiss in my blog, as well as my Christmas season marketing, but despite this my Christmas book seems to be selling.

More interestingly, I recently received a message on Twitter of some interest. I don’t spend a lot of time on the social networks, as I haven’t the time to spare, but I do at least have the accounts and receive notifications if a reader wishes to contact me.

This is exactly what happened. It seems that A Christmas With The Dodger has been the December book for a reading group and Reg has made his mark. Readers want more of him!

Now, this is something I’ve contemplated myself since finishing that particular book. Reg came into existence as a character in Jack Dawkins, which was, of course, about the further adventures of The Artful Dodger since Dickens left him sailing off to Australia. I had no intention of continuing Jack’s story beyond that book, but I had become fond of Reg and wanted to see him grow up. Naturally, his association with the characters of the previous book meant that they had to play at least a supporting role in Reg’s story.

Having left him at about twenty years old and contemplating what happens next in his future at the dawn of a new century, the temptation to write a follow-on book has loomed ever since, but I didn’t want to keep grinding on about Jack, who was, after all, a borrowed character. I’ve seen others make this mistake and don’t want to repeat the faux pas.

I’ve actually been slowly working on something far removed, set in an entirely different historical time and place, but with Christmas at hand, Dickens comes to mind, the annual reading of A Christmas Carol continues, and Reg pokes his cheerful little nose out of my subconscious and wonders when I’m going to let him come out to enjoy the next phase of his life.

Having readers ask about him is just the nudge I need to capitulate. So be it, Reg will live again!

How this will work in with my current work is yet to be seen, but I will endeavor to post updates more frequently, here on the blog.

My thanks to the lovely lady who reached out to give me that nudge, and also for the sterling review of A Christmas With The Dodger. It is appreciated more than words can say!


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Christmas Stories!

It’s coming up to that time of year again.

To join in the festivities, I am keeping A Christmas With The Dodger at $2.99 until 15th December!


For a little Victorian flavour and perhaps a touch of larceny and ethical dilemma, have a read.

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